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  • Brand   GZQIQI
  • Type   1P800V
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The design process of the lottery machine is based on scientific principles, and the design of the series of lottery machines is completed through repeated experiments and demonstrations. The performance characteristics of the lottery machine ensure the fairness of the lottery results. Technical level: With the continuous improvement of the technical level, from the original manual to the now fully automated lottery. The lottery machine is divided into two types of lottery: one is agitating; the other is blowing.

This machine is model 1P800V with standard capacity 49 rfid balls. The standard machine of this machine is with RFID function so that all the ball numbers can be read and shown on the screen which is in the front of the machine. At the same time, a PAD comes with the machine for free to operate the machine more conveniently.

Basic parameters:
Height: 2200MM
Width: 2000MM
Thickness  :1030MM
Ball diameter: 40MM                   

Material: high quality acylic.

Parts to come for free: 49 solid balls with rfid core, a PAD .

MARKS: This machine can be customized made to hold 80 balls, 90 balls or more. The price is a little different, please kindly contact our seller if you need customized made machine.

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