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Unique race

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Unique race theme that randomly orders up to 10 balls

Ten (10) balls start each game at the top of the track and are introduced into the track when a gate opens and the blowers turn on. As the balls race around the track, gates arbitrarily disrupt the ball motion for appropriate mixing. After a predetermined amount of time (which you control), a gate at the top of the chamber opens and the balls come to rest in the same location in which they started. The balls are then released one at a time for automatic number identification by the RFID system. They are then be presented vertically in their numbered positions.

·         Visually appealing with fast speed of the balls racing around the track

·         Designed for 40mm diameter drawing balls

·         Previews, Air Mixes and displays 10 winning balls

·         Racetrack does not have any physical switched on the machine

·         Each machine is equipped with a remote console and can be operated with a SQL Server, website, Solution Workstation or customer developed software.

·         Machine size: 134*65*176cm


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