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Our goal is to Guangzhou QIQI Electronic Manufacturing Co.,Ltd as a world-class Electronic Machine suppliers, the promotion of world power industry development of our company's mission is : the complete realization of the first customers, to the best service for customers to be truly satisfied.

Entrepreneurial spirit : responsibility, honesty, cooperation, sharing, never-ending pursuit to do.Responsible : We pursue a realistic attitude and strict demands, happy and meticulous service. We respect the norms and standards, the courage to face reality, dare to assume responsibility. We are delighted to discover the problem, efforts to solve the problem, so professional, dedicated 

Honesty : We honest life, pay attention to credibility. Integrity of the enterprise, the integrity of clients, colleagues and the integrity of its own integrity! Cooperation : we respect for others, equality and mutual trust. In healthy competition with each other to learn and progress. 

Share : We want customers and colleagues to share information and resources, share in the efforts to create wealth and the spirit of material wealth, take from society, return to society, to allow society to share our entire enterprise created by the spiritual and material civilization. Pursuit of endless self-improvement, self-surpass continually create and challenges importantly, the people. We respect every staff interests of the company and the individual interests of the solidarity. Innovation is the cornerstone of our success to our company.