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The World Lottery Summit 2012 in Montreal, Canada

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Selected presentations and videos of the business program, including the keynote addresses, have now been made available for download in the member section of the WLA website (requires login). Relive keynote speaker Chantal Petitclerc's fascinating account of her life story or get to grips with the concept of "Creating Shared Value", renowned business authority Michael Porter's far-reaching vision for the future of corporate social responsibility. With some real treasures in the business program, taking the time to review the presentations available for streaming or download will surely be worth your while.

With more than 1500 delegates, a packed business program, nearly 50 exhibitors at the trade show, and a fabulous social program, the WLS 2012 Convention and Trade Show in Montreal, Canada, was not only one of the largest lottery conventions ever, it set a benchmark for future lottery events. Feedback on the summit has been overwhelmingly positive, with numerous participants expressing their deep appreciation for this unprecendented event.

The theme for WLS 2012 was "a world of opportunities à la Montréal", reflecting the world of opportunities arising from the rapid pace of change in the lottery industry, and the world of opportunities that awaited attendees in multicultural, cosmopolitan Montreal. For additional post-convention information about WLS 2012, see the convention and trade show web site at


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