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The Dato'of Malaysia invest in Cambodia with our customized machines

Writer: admin Time:2017-11-23 14:46:22 Browse:143℃

November 2013, a customer came to us, he was the Dato'of Malaysia.However, he want to invested in Cambodia a big lottery public welfare lottery activities,and going to customized a group of the lottery machines which with the high quality and Luxury outlooking, he decided to asign the project to our company once after he understood and relized that we are the Experienced Enterprise and with the Government recognition.after one month hard working, the machines are came out by our production, color and body designs are based on customer requirements' to customization, we also provide on-site installation services based on customer requirements, the event was very successful on December 2013! Let the audience feel fair, award winning customer even said that the machine is very professional!

Malaysia Dato' feel very satisfied for the event, and will invest a similar project to neighboring countries donation charity with our machines for next year.


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