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Air Blown Machine


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The lottery machine is perfect for pick number games, and includes the most modern design. Model 1D-V2 is multi-cylinder lottery machine with 1 cylinder and 1 display screen which is professional for pick 1 games.

Each cylinder of this machine can contains up to 10 lotto balls, meaning that it is a flexible drawing solution, very eye catching for the viewers.

The balls are always visible during the mixing and drawing process -- they never disappear inside tubes or chambers. This helps prevent tampering; and since the drawings are televised live, it gives the viewer confidence that the drawing is not being fixed.

Machine Size:60*50*158CM(L*W*H)
Ball  diameter: 4CM

Material: high quality acylic.

Working style: air blown

Packing: professional wooden case for exportation.

Capacity: each cylinder contains up to 10 eva solid balls with six sides numbered printing.

This machine is no problem to add RFID function, website function,  fully-automatic , remote control and so on. But the price is different, please kindly contact our seller if you need them.

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